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«Our leading expert creative team which blends their increasing with each passing day passion and energy with creative team spirit, innovative and ever – growing perspective continuous to explore the magical world of fragrances and create inspirational perfumes and new trends.»


«Seluz Fragrance Company has the latest technology fragrance production equipment. The production facility is completely equipped with automatic equipment. Starting from the selection of raw materials, both in developing fragrances and in the production stage, with the latest technology it uses, it gives the guarantee of providing the same quality to its customers all of the time by making sensitive and correct measurements.»

Beyond The Senses

«We invite you to explore a world BEYOND THE SENSES with fragrances we designed by taking inspiration from the most special moments of life and human spirit.»


«Our production of fragrances is performed subjected to tight quality control rules. Our quality control staff applies all required tests from the raw material to be selected to the production of the fragrance and it provides us to develop affective and reliable products. »